The golf industry in Michigan is at a standstill, hopefully for just the time being.  We are staying up-to-date with the Governor’s decisions as it relates to the golf industry and we are hopeful that the lobbyist and the Golf Association of Michigan will still be able to OVERTURN Governor Whitmer’s Order and open golf courses and driving ranges.  The following link from Golf World shows the states that are allowing golf to be played during the pandemic and will hopefully be of some influence on the Governor to change her decision.

We would love to hear your individual thoughts on whether golf should be allowed in Michigan and a prediction from you as to when you think golf will be open in Michigan.
Our prediction – April 25th.

Meanwhile, Golf Services and The Prairies Golf Club are complying with the Order in an effort to curb this virus from affecting both the public and our employees. Rest assured, when Golf does finally open in Michigan, Golf Services and The Prairies Golf Club will be ready to go with the precautions necessary to keep us all safe.  We are firm believers that it is possible.

We expect our procedure for opening to be as follows:

First, The Prairies golf course and Golf Services’ driving range will be permitted to open, allowing people to be outside and enjoying the weather.

Second, Golf Services pro shop will open and, in an effort to jump start the season, we are planning on ignoring the manufacturer’s pricing requirements for a one week period.  Your best time to buy!  We will need the jump start as well.

We have cancelled are annual GOLF EXPO, scheduled for April 25th and are working diligently to reschedule the event for some time in June, exact date to be determined. We are in this together and we appreciate your business.  We will all get through this together!

If you need something or would like to simply talk golf, please reach us directly on our cell phones and we would be happy to TALK GOLF.

Joel Pinkham – (269) 254-1671
Scott Saunders – (269) 852-1164
Glenn Whitmore – (269) 377-2139

Respectfully and from a safe distance,
The Staff at Golf Services